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Double Trouble: Hurricane Sandy, Added to Other Financial Burdens, Begs a Solution

Life sometimes doles out bad luck in double doses. Given how many millions of people were directly and indirectly affected by Hurricane Sandy, it’s clear that thousands of people in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut areas likely were also dealing with financial problems even before the storm hit.  For example, consider people whose […]

Bankruptcy as an Answer to Inadequate Insurance Coverage During Hurricane Sandy

The water had barely subsided after Hurricane Sandy struck in 2012 when financial worries began to mount. Many families lost their homes and life savings to the wind, rain and storm surge.  Adding insult to injury, many of those affected had property insurance that proved inadequate. One homeowner in New Jersey posted a sign in […]

Technical and Emotional Preparation for the 341 Bankruptcy Meeting of Creditors

No one plans far in advance to file for bankruptcy. But whether it is a Chapter 7 filing liquidation of assets (minus the generous exemptions allowed under New York bankruptcy law) or reorganization under Chapter 13, a bankruptcy can be the solution to financial problems that build over time.  Many bankruptcies, however, do come from […]

Difficult Choices for Homeowners Following Hurricane Sandy

In many ways, the storm was the simple part. When Hurricane Sandy blew into the greater New York area in October 2012, it took barely a day to wreak $65 billion worth of damage.  But the financial challenges of Sandy linger more than a year after its brief moment. Many businesses were destroyed and never […]


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